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Which Color Jewelry Should I Wear?

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While one jewelry color might look stunning on one person, it might not have the same effect on another person. Similarly, a certain color may look good with a specific outfit but clash with another.

Which Color Jewelry Should I Wear

To choose the right jewelry color for you, there are four factors to consider: your skin tone, your eye color, your clothing, and your other jewelry.

  1. Skin Tone

There are three kinds of skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral. To determine which kind of skin tone you have, look at your veins. Green veins indicate a warm skin tone.  Blue and purple veins indicate a cool skin tone. A combination of blue and green veins indicate a neutral skin tone.

Keep in mind that skin tone isn’t the same as skin color. You can have dark skin with a cool tone or light skin with a warm tone.

Once you determine your skin tone, use it to choose the right color jewelry for you:

  • Warm tone. Earthy colors like orange, green, brown, and yellow all work well with warm-toned skin. Look for jewelry with moonstones, emeralds, or yellow sapphires. Copper, yellow gold, and brass are good metal choices for warm-toned skin.
  • Cool tone. Blue, red, and purple all look striking on cool-toned skin. Try jewelry with sapphires, amethysts, or rubies. Also consider silver, platinum, and white gold pieces.
  • Neutral tone. People with a neutral skin tone have the option of trying out a variety of jewelry colors to determine which looks best.

When it comes to choosing jewelry color, skin tone is an important consideration—but it shouldn’t be the only consideration.

  1. Eye Color

Why not choose a jewelry color that brings out the color of your eyes? On the one hand, you could choose a jewelry color that’s complementary to your eye color. On the other hand, you could choose to contrast your jewelry color with your eye color. Both options highlight and enhance the beauty of your eyes, which many people consider their best facial feature.

As with skin tone, the right jewelry color depends on your eye color:

  • Brown eyes. To choose jewelry that aligns with your eye color, wear red gemstones such as rubies. To contrast your jewelry with your eye color, wear blue gemstones such as sapphires.
  • Hazel and green eyes. To bring out the green in your eyes, try green gemstones like jade, emerald, and peridot.
  • Blue eyes. Match your jewelry to your eye color with blue gemstones like topaz. Contrast the blue in your eyes with a jewelry color like pink sapphire.

Your jewelry doesn’t have to match or contrast your eyes in order to be fashionable. But choosing jewelry that works with your eyes is a simple and subtle way to enhance your overall appearance.

  1. Clothing

The color of your jewelry should incorporate well with the colors of your clothing. However, this doesn’t mean you must choose a jewelry color that’s the same color as your clothing. A blue necklace against a blue shirt can be boring and unflattering.

Instead, consider using your jewelry as a pop of color. For example, you could choose jewelry that matches the color of your shoes rather than the color of your shirt.

If you’re wearing a neutral color like black, a brightly colored jewelry piece can brighten your look. But choose simple, plain jewelry if you’re wearing a blouse or dress with various colors, patterns, or embellishments. In this case, adding colorful, expressive jewelry would complicate the outfit and make it look too busy.

  1. Other Jewelry

When it comes to color, it’s important to be consistent with all your jewelry pieces. You’ll want to choose colors that work well together. For example, wearing a deep blue necklace with bright yellow earrings can be jarring.

Choose one piece of jewelry as the centerpiece of your outfit, and build your other jewelry pieces around it. While the various jewelry pieces don’t need to be the exact same color, they should complement each other.

Good color pairings include:

  • Blue and orange
  • Brown and orange
  • Green and yellow
  • Purple and blue
  • Red and blue

Some jewelry colors work with just about any other jewelry color. These colors include silver, gold, and white (such as pearls).

In the past, pairing silver and gold was a fashion faux pas. However, mixing metal colors is now considered acceptable and even trendy. Fashion experts recommend stacking different layers of metal colors, giving equal attention to each color.

Take these considerations into mind before choosing your jewelry colors. Your best option is to purchase many different jewelry pieces in a variety of colors. That way, you have the flexibility to mix and match.

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10 Occasions To Buy Jewelry For Your Sweetheart

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Think back on the last time you gave your sweetheart a beautiful piece of jewelry. Was it an engagement or wedding ring many years ago? Imagine the surprise and delight on your sweetheart’s face when you surprise her with a unique piece of jewelry on another occasion.

Not sure when to buy her that sparkling diamond bracelet or that gleaming opal necklace? Consider these occasions.

10 Occasions To Buy Jewelry For Your Sweetheart

  1. Christmas

Christians believe that giving gifts to others is a reminder of the wise men who gave gifts to the baby Jesus. However, people of all religions enjoy the gift giving tradition, using it as a time to show love for family members and friends.

You can show love to your sweetheart by buying her a beautiful pair of Christmas earrings. She’ll think of you every time she wears them.

  1. Hanukkah

If you celebrate Hanukkah, you may know that giving gifts wasn’t originally part of the holiday. Because of the influence of Christmas, many Jewish families now give gifts during the eight days of Hanukkah. If giving gifts is part of your family tradition, consider giving your sweetheart a glittering bracelet or anklet.

  1. New Year’s Eve

What better symbol of a new beginning than a valuable necklace, ring, or hairpiece? Giving your sweetheart jewelry for the New Year shows your renewed commitment to her, this year and for all the years to come. It’s also a great gift to present as you’re enjoying a romantic evening together ringing in the New Year.

  1. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day evolved from Lupercalia, a Roman fertility festival on February 15. It was later changed to a Christian feast day on February 14 and named St. Valentine’s Day. It’s unclear who St. Valentine was. One legend says that he performed secret marriage ceremonies for soldiers. Another says that he wrote the first love letter signed “from your Valentine.” In any case, today, Valentine’s Day is a holiday designated to celebrate love.

It is a wonderful time to remind your sweetheart how much you love her. Buy her a beautiful necklace that she can wear for a night out with you.

  1. National Jewel Day (March 13)

You probably haven’t heard of this holiday, a day designated to give and receive jewelry. It gives you a great reason to surprise your sweetheart with a dazzling new gem ring or pendant. Since it’s not as well-known as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, you might avoid inflated jewelry prices or sold-out items.

  1. Easter

At Easter, we celebrate new beginnings. Many families hide baskets of candies and toys for their children. Why not surprise your wife with an Easter gift as well? Welcome in spring by surprising your sweetheart with a colorful necklace or earrings.

  1. Mother’s Day

If you have children, Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to honor your sweetheart’s role as the mother of your children. You could celebrate her dedication and sacrifice by giving her a piece of jewelry engraved with the names of your children.

  1. Birthday

Your sweetheart’s birthday gives you the perfect opportunity to surprise her with her birthstone. She’ll delight in such a personalized gift.

  1. Anniversaries

Select a stunning piece of jewelry to commemorate your wedding day. Pay special attention to particular anniversaries:

  • 25 years = Silver Anniversary
  • 50 years = Golden Anniversary
  • 60 years = Diamond Anniversary

These anniversary designations are a long-standing tradition. In the Holy Roman Empire, husbands gave wives a silver wreath for their 25th anniversary and a gold wreath for their 50th. Selecting jewelry based on the particular anniversary makes the day all the more memorable. You could purchase a silver bracelet for your silver anniversary, a gold watch for your golden anniversary, or a diamond ring for your diamond anniversary.

Don’t forget about these anniversaries as well:

  • The anniversary of your first date
  • The anniversary of your first kiss
  • The anniversary of becoming engaged

Remembering one of these other anniversaries will show your sweetheart how much you care about her.

  1. Just Because

You don’t necessarily need a reason to surprise your sweetheart with a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Show her how special she truly is by choosing a unique piece of jewelry any time of the year.

The best place to get personalized jewelry is at a pawn shop. There, you’ll find rare treasures that are truly unique from anything you’ll find at a jewelry store. Each piece of jewelry is a valuable antique with many years of history behind it. A pawnbroker has the experience to know exactly what the item is worth. He or she can help you select the right piece of jewelry for your sweetheart’s style and taste.

If you want to show your sweetheart you’re thinking of her, say it with jewelry. Visit Sol’s Jewelry and Loan today to select the perfect jewelry piece.

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