Complete Your Holiday Look With Items From Your Local Pawn Shop

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Woman in flapper costumeWith the holidays approaching, many people have parties, gifts and costumes on the brain. Whether you’re giving a gift or competing in a costume contest, a visit to your local pawn shop to see what they have to offer is always worthwhile.


Christmas is the time of elegant parties and gift-giving. You may want to find something special to give your significant other, find a meaningful gift for your teenage daughter or find the piece of jewelry that helps to fully complete your look for a holiday party. Consider:

  • Finding a ring to pop the question during the magical season. You can find unique, well-crafted rings with beautiful stones for less than you would pay buying new. If you aren’t getting engaged, consider a promise ring for your daughter or a fashion ring for your spouse.
  • Looking for gemstones that reflect the colors of Christmas. Rubies, emeralds, garnets, pearls and opals can give a nod to the season whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else.
  • Buying a watch for your boss or another professional colleague. Watches are a valued and useful gift, and you can usually find beautiful watches at a pawn shop for less than you would pay at a department store.
  • Creating or repairing a custom piece. Some pawn shops specialize in jewelry repairs and crafting new pieces. If you have an heirloom that’s been out of commission, why not fix or remake it? There could hardly be a gift that carried more sentimental value.

Christmas is also the time to give other gifts. If you are looking for game consoles, upgraded cell phones or other electronics, pawn shops usually carry a wide variety, and some may even be in new or like-new condition.


Halloween provides the unique opportunity to go all-out on your costume. Some work parties, church functions or even Halloween comic-cons offer significant prizes for the best costume. You can find costume pieces at all different types of stores, but your local pawn shop may have some awesome additions that will put your costume over the top.

Consider some of the following items when building your costume this scary season.

Authentic Weapons

Pawn shops are well-known for stocking preowned guns, but you can find other unique weaponry at pawn shops. For example, if you’re hoping to cosplay as a knight or samurai warrior, the sword is a major part of the costume. Many pawn shops carry swords, long knives and other unique collectors’ weapons at reasonable prices. You may also be able to find:

  • Old fashioned revolvers that could complete a cowboy or steampunk ensemble.
  • Dulled daggers with leather sheaths to hang from the waist for a dangerous assassin costume or something similar.
  • Bows to complete an elf or Robin Hood costume.

Collectible and unique weapons are not just good for the occasional dress-up event. They can be an investment, as many of these items will only gain value as they age.

Realistic Costume Jewelry

Pawn shops provide jewelry ranging in quality and style. You can often find rare or interesting pieces that will help put the finishing touch on a costume. You may end up finding:

  • Brooches to fasten a cloak or cape. There’s no better way to add a little pizazz to a basic character costume.
  • Realistic-looking necklaces for a princess or queen ensemble. Tiaras or head circlets may also occasionally find their way into a pawn shop. These can also work for period Victorian or Regency costumes.
  • Large rings for kings, witches or seers. Evil-looking black opals or dark red rubies would be ideal.
  • Thick bracelets that could fit into any medieval or Renaissance-style costume. Cuff-style bracelets may even help complete a knight or gladiator costume.
  • Pocket watches for male steampunk dress or period gentleman’s attire. Steampunk is not just for girls, and a pocket watch brings the edge of reality.

Some costumes are not complete without the jewels, and since a pawn shop only deals with items that have some value, costume jewelry bought here will look more authentic and last longer than plastic replicas found at box stores.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can also be part of a costume. A basic electric guitar may complete a group costume of friends impersonating a famous band. Impersonating single musicians with a signature look, like David Bowie or Michael Jackson, could also be better pulled off with some sort of musical addition to go with the look.

Moving away from guitars, you may also want to try costumes inspired by instruments. For example, you may use an old flute or recorder to become the fairytale character of the pied piper, complete with tights and a stuffed rat on your shoulder.


Some pawn shops specialize in collectibles, which can be perfect if you’re hoping for an elegant table setting. Sets of China, antique platters or even silverware sets made from real silver can help to bring that old-fashioned elegance to your table.

For more information on what your pawn shop can offer for the holiday season, contact us at Sol’s Jewelry & Loan.

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