3 Tips When Buying a Necklace for Your Valentine

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When you want to impress your wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, jewelry is always a good option. However, choosing which necklace to buy can be intimidating and discouraging.

Jewelry comes in various sizes and shapes. You have to consider her personal taste and the message you may be sending. How do you narrow down the best fit for your loved one?

Use these three suggestions to help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

1. Consider Her Facial Features

A necklace may look good on one woman and terrible on another, all due to their body proportions. Before you head to the cash register, take into account your woman’s facial features. These proportions will determine what style of necklace will look good on her.

Here are some features you should consider:

  • Face: Look for whether your woman has a round, oval, heart-shaped, or rectangle face outline. Many jewelry shops have charts graphing what types of face shapes work with what necklaces. Use the chart to determine which length and strand will accentuate her features.
  • Neck: Next, determine if her neck is long or short. Most women want long necks. If your significant other has a short neck, choose a necklace that helps her neck look longer. For women who already have long necks, you can choose a necklace that highlights this feature.

Use her body type to emphasize her best features. Wearing a necklace that highlights these features will help her feel even more beautiful.

2. Consider the Occasion

Most men wouldn’t wear a suit and tie to a baseball game. The same rule applies to women when wearing jewelry.

Here are some length suggestions to help you buy for your specific occasion:

  • 12-13 inches: Shorter necklaces work better for formal occasions.
  • 14-16 inches: A choker necklace works great for many occasions. This length is the most versatile and classic option.
  • 17-19 inches: One of the more popular lengths is the princess necklace. This length usually has a pendant on the end.
  • 20-24 inches: Choose this length for a good go-to necklace for formal and casual occasions.
  • 28-34 inches: These necklaces work great for outfits with high necklines.
  • 45+ inches: Long rope necklaces are typically considered casual.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a good length, talk to the sales consultant. He or she may have additional suggestions that can help you choose.

3. Consider Her Personal Taste

Determining your significant other’s style preferences is easier said than done. However, you may catch her dropping hints as Valentine’s Day gets closer. Or you may need to subtly ask what kind of jewelry she likes. If all else fails, take a quick stroll through the jewelry store and have her point out some pieces that stand out to her.

Another way to determine her personal taste is to watch what she wears. See what jewelry she chooses for work, parties, or date nights. Take into account the colors and designs. The point isn’t to buy her a necklace exactly the same as one she already has, but to catch on to any patterns.

Perhaps you see that she wears a lot of silver or gold jewelry. Does she tend to wear more diamonds? Or does she show a preference toward casual jewelry?

If you can’t find a pattern and you still have no idea what to get her, consider asking for advice. Keep in mind that girls usually talk with one another. You do take the risk that they don’t keep your secret. However, if you trust them, feel free to ask her best friend or sister for their input.

In the end, have fun and don’t stress too much about which necklace to choose. Trying your best always shows you care.

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