3 Tips to Turn Old Games and Consoles into Personal Profit

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Maybe you’re a big-time gamer who bought an Xbox One and no longer needs that Xbox 360 (thank goodness for backwards compatibility). Or you might be an empty nester with some old video games and game systems, and you want to clear out some storage space. Either way, a pawn shop lets you sell your games and consoles quickly and easily.

If you want to get the most out of your PS4 or Sonic the Hedgehog collection, read these simple tips to learn about how you can boost the value of a video game or gaming system.

1. Take Inventory of What You Have

A pawn shop owner will know basic information about selling electronics, but he or she might not know much about video games. Help the pawn store out by grouping related video game items together. A Nintendo Wii that includes functional Wii remotes and accessories will net you more cash than the console alone.

If you have games you wish to sell, include them with the appropriate console when possible. Not only will this increase the collective value of your games and system, but it also allows the pawn shop to test out the equipment and feel more comfortable about the transaction.

Know your console. When you include a Kinect sensor with the Xbox One, you get more money for your system. Similarly, a Wii needs the sensor bar to function properly. Make sure to include the correct adaptors and power bricks or your console loses most of value.

2. Make Your Items Look Shiny and New

As much as we might say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” appearances matter. A potential buyer at a pawn shop might turn down a functional gaming system if it’s covered in scratches and grime. Pawn shops know this fact, so they will subtract value from a beat up or dirty console.

So clean your Xbox, Nintendo Wii, or PlayStation. Unhook and separate everything so you can give the console a deep clean. A can of compressed air dislodges dust in ports and vents, while a microfiber cloth gently cleans other areas. Note that the glossy areas on your console require very careful cleaning to prevent scratching.

When you clean your controllers, you give them that like-new look that will likely impress your pawnbroker. Clean joysticks and buttons with a damp cotton swab-a mix of water and rubbing alcohol works well as a cleaner. For the gunk caught in the seams of your remote or gamepad, fold a piece of paper and slide it through the seam to remove the grime.

After you clean everything, try to put your console, games, and accessories into their original packaging if possible. This step makes the item appear more credible and enhances the resale value of your gear.

3. Pawn your Games

When you sell your video games to a pawn shop, remember that the owners worry about the resale value of your game. However, many pawn shops offer more money for used games than a gaming store. Since a pawn store relies on other items to generate profit, the pawnbroker can afford to take more chances than a store with more specific merchandise.

Because a pawn shop owner might not be a gamer, he or she might pay more attention to the quality of the game disk than you expect. You may have grown accustomed to the scratches on your Super Smash Brothers Melee minidisc, but these imperfections cause others some concern. You know that the game still works well, but a non-gamer often worries about how those scratches affect its resale value.

Cleaning video games properly requires ingenuity, effort, and sometimes a bit of risk. Look online or in the manufacturer’s guide for help on how best to clean up your video game disk or cartridge.

If you need cash or space immediately, a pawn shop provides the perfect solution. Ask your local pawn shop about any questions you have about selling or pawning a video game or game system.

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