4 Reasons to Buy Christmas Presents at Your Local Pawn Shop

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As Christmas draws closer, you can’t help but hum a few catchy jingles on your way to work. During a few spare moments, you might envision what parties you’ll throw for your family members and friends. And as you peacefully drift to sleep, you imagine the gifts you should add to your personal wish list.

But as you think about presents, a growing fear nags at the back of your mind. You have a tight budget this year, and you have to buy a lot of gifts before the big day. You dread the idea of joining the crazed hoards on Black Friday, but you don’t know where else to go to enjoy the same deals and discounts.

Why not take this year’s shopping to your local pawnbroker?

When you buy presents at a pawn shop, you can enjoy all of the following advantages.

1. Fantastic Bargains

When you shop at a regular department store or retailer, you often have to pay full price for a brand new item. And on the days popular items go on sale, you may have to fight off other shoppers to snag a product while it’s still in stock.

But at pawn shop, you can find like-new items in fantastic condition for fraction of the retail price. In fact, some estimate that the average pawn shop sells stock for 70 percent cheaper than retail. These prices happen year round, so you can save on gifts no matter the season.

2. Wide Selection

Your family members likely have an eclectic range of personal tastes. Your brother may prefer classical music and frequently enjoys playing his old flute. Your sister may love working with her hands and never seems to have enough power tools to complete her crafts. Your daughter obsesses over the latest video games and gaming consoles, while your son has expressed a growing interest in history and old coins.

If you want to buy a separate, personalized gift for each of your family members, you may have to stop by multiple malls and stores to find an appropriate present. But if you were to stop buy a pawn shop, you’ll quickly find unique gifts in one convenient place.

3. Helpful Staff

Shopping for a hard-to-please spouse? Sometimes you can’t find that perfect watch or necklace that will suit his or her style. Perhaps he likes the band on one watch but prefers the case on another. Maybe she likes the stone in a set of earrings but would rather have a pendant to wear.

Although not all pawn shops offer this option, some stores do allow you to purchase a necklace, remove and resize the stones, and update the settings. For your convenience, some stores will clean and refinish some of your own antique heirloom jewelry and watches so they look like new when you pass them onto other family members.

And even if your particular pawn shop doesn’t provide jewelry repair, you can count on the staff to give you helpful advice rather than simply swiping your credit card at the register.

4. Fast Collateral Loans

Christmas shopping for the entire family can leave your bank account a little empty, especially if payday doesn’t happen until after the holidays.

Fortunately, you don’t need cash or credit cards to purchase your gifts at most pawn shops. If you need a little extra spending money, you can bring in your own items to take out a collateral loan.

Many pawnbrokers will give you an honest assessment of your item’s worth, as well as give you an extension of your loan should you fall on hard times later. Better still, collateral loans don’t require a bank account or co-signer to complete the agreement.

Don’t Forget to Visit After Christmas, Too!

As you can see, pawn shops have a lot to offer you during the holidays. But keep in mind that they can become just as useful after you’ve opened presents and unwrapped gifts. If someone sends you a gift you’d rather not keep or you already own, just stop by the pawn shop to exchange it for cash or for a more personal item just for you.  

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