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Tips for Buying Secondhand Lawnmowers and Chainsaws

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Summer yard maintenance is easy when you have the right tools. However, purchasing all of the new time-saving equipment you need requires a serious investment. Save money by shopping for used garden tools at the pawn shop. Here are tips for selecting two common yard-care products.

Gemstone Meanings and History: Give a Gift That Says Something More

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Gemstone Meanings and HistoryLike flowers, specific stones used for jewelry can have very particular meanings. Others are steeped in history, depending on who found them valuable in the past and which notable people wore them. While each stone is unique and beautiful on its own, sometimes the interesting meaning can give even more significance to a lovely piece of jewelry.

If you’re hoping to choose a gemstone for your significant other, family member, friend or parent, you should learn some of the amazing meanings and stories behind these popular stones.

Diamond Engagement Ring Shopping Dos and Don’ts

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Diamond Engagement Ring Shopping Dos and Don'tsApproximately 2.3 million couples say “I Do” each year in the United States. If you’re ready to pop the question, chances are choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring is giving you some serious anxiety. Your future spouse will wear your engagement ring for the rest of their life, so making an informed decision is critical.

Don’t worry if you’re not an expert and instead, follow these simple dos and don’ts to help you find an engagement ring your partner will adore.

Which Color Jewelry Should I Wear?

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Which Color Jewelry Should I WearWhile one jewelry color might look stunning on one person, it might not have the same effect on another person. Similarly, a certain color may look good with a specific outfit but clash with another.

To choose the right jewelry color for you, there are four factors to consider: your skin tone, your eye color, your clothing, and your other jewelry.

10 Occasions To Buy Jewelry For Your Sweetheart

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Think back on the last time you gave your sweetheart a beautiful piece of jewelry. Was it an engagement or wedding ring many years ago? Imagine the surprise and delight on your sweetheart’s face when you surprise her with a unique piece of jewelry on another occasion.

Not sure when to buy her that sparkling diamond bracelet or that gleaming opal necklace? Consider these occasions.

A Girl’s Best Friend: The History and Timelessness of Diamonds

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You’ve probably heard the slogan “a diamond is forever” or the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Diamonds’ hardness, beauty, and reflective quality have made them the most popular gemstone in the world.

Diamond jewelry has existed for thousands of years, but diamonds themselves have existed much longer. Diamonds had their beginnings 900 million years ago, deep within the Earth.

5 Famous Gems From Around the World

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Glittering gems can be mesmerizing, and the bigger the gem, the more awe it generates. High-quality gems can also go decades without growing dull or wearing down, and over the years, there have been several large gems dug up and cut into beautiful, dazzling jewels.

Some of these large gems have made an impact on history and have been passed through several famous hands, such as those of royalty. To learn more about five of these famed gems, read on.

5 Tips for Spotting an Excellent Blue Sapphire

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People across the globe are often mesmerized by the clear, sparkling beauty of a quality diamond. But when you want a little color, you may look towards the more colorful cousins of the diamond, such as the emerald or ruby.

One vivid gem is the blue sapphire, with its rich, eye-catching cobalt hue. It has a unique elegance, and the bold color can be a great alternative to diamonds.

When you’re purchasing anything with a blue sapphire, you want to make sure you’re getting a quality gem. However, you may not be sure how to spot a fine sapphire from a dud, and you may be worried you’ll be fooled by a more experienced jeweler.

Before you go hunting for a truly blue sapphire, take a look at the tips below. With a little education under your belt, you can avoid the occasional scam and score the perfect piece for your jewelry collection.

Looking for New Jewelry? Learn About Your Birthstone

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Even if you don’t know what your birthstone is, you’ve probably heard of the concept before. Most people know that each month is associated with a different type of precious stone that supposedly reflects the wearer’s personality and brings him or her good luck throughout the year.

Of course, you don’t have to believe that birthstones bring health and luck to purchase one. Each month has a gorgeous stone that can add sparkle, pizzazz, and personality to your current jewelry collection.

If you want to find out more about your birthstone, keep reading. Once you’ve learned more about what sets your gemstone apart, visit our jewelry store to search for necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings that contain your favorite stone.

3 Fascinating Facts About Opals

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Australia is a country of extremes-extreme heat in the vast Outback, incredibly deadly snakes and spiders, and uniquely bizarre animals not found anywhere else on earth. Luckily for jewelry-wearers everywhere, Australia’s singular conditions make it home to one of the most unique and most sought-after gems in the entire world: the opal.

90% of the world’s opals come from Australia, but the country only exports certain types of opals. Unless you’ve been to Australia and come back with jewelry as a souvenir, you probably haven’t seen the diverse range of colors and shapes this gemstone comes in.

At Sol’s Jewelry and Loan, we have a wide range of jewelry that our customers bring to us. If you’re interested in unique jewelry, swing by to see what we have for you. In the meantime, read through this blog to learn more about opals.

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