Looking for a Used Vehicle? Check Out Your Local Pawn Shop

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When you need to buy a used vehicle, you might have a list of places to look first. You could go to a used car outlet or dealership in hopes of finding a sale. Or you might browse your local newspaper listings to see if any of your neighbors are giving up their family jalopy.

But before you stop by either location, visit your nearest pawn shop.

Pawn shops have the intimacy of a private seller and the reliability of a dealership. When you come to a pawn shop for your next vehicle, you can often find a variety of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles to fit your needs.

Still hesitant to make a purchase? Here are a few more benefits to car shopping from a pawn shop.

1. You Can Use Personal Items to Cushion the Purchase

Used cars and trucks can be expensive, especially if the vehicle is only a few years old or has extra features installed. Even though you won’t have to pay retail price, you might not have the immediate funds to afford a used car.

If you were to buy a used car from a dealership, the company may help you finance your vehicle. If you were to buy from a private seller, you could potentially finance through your bank. In either case, you’d need good credit to complete the purchase.

However, at a pawn shop, you can cash in your personal items to help buy your vehicle. Any electronics, jewelry, home improvement tools, and musical instruments could give you the extra cash needed to buy your car. And if you still don’t have enough, many pawn shops allow you to take out a collateral loan. No credit necessary.

2. You Can Skip the Pressure From the Sales Team

Many sales teams depend on commissions to fill in the gaps in their income. As a result, the staff at some used car dealerships will try to make as many sales as they can, as fast as they can. To encourage you to buy, sales professionals may use pressuring tactics such as “another buyer wants this car” or “we’re already losing money on this deal.”

In contrast, pawn shop employees have a consistent wage, and good store managers understand that some items take longer to sell than others.

When you step into a pawn shop, you won’t have to worry about aggressive sales tactics or judgment based on your credit history. Instead, you can enjoy assistance from a helpful, knowledgeable team willing to work with your needs and budget.

3. You Can Learn More About Your Vehicle’s History

Large used car dealerships often buy and sell hundreds, or even thousands, of cars per year. Consequently, they might not have time to understand the ins and outs of each vehicle. When you buy from a dealer, you may ask for a CARFAX or AutoCheck report to pull up a few details on your vehicle, but you might not fully understand your vehicle’s condition or quirks.

A private seller may be able to give you a history of his or her vehicle if the seller bought it directly from the lot. But if he or she bought the car from another friend or family member, or if the seller neglected to document any repairs, you might not receive any more information from a private seller than a dealership.

At a pawn shop, however, owners recognize that their reputation depends on providing quality products at competitive prices. When managers buy a used vehicle, they have to gauge that vehicle’s price based on the car’s history, usage, condition, and current market value. If they don’t have all the details, they’ll ultimately lose money on their investment and lose future customers. Many pawn shop owners will fully inspect a vehicle before agreeing to the purchase.

Consequently, when you buy a car from a pawn owner, you can feel confident that the vehicle will be in good shape for the price. And if you have any questions about the car, you can easily ask for more information.

Check Out Your Local Pawn Shop for Your Next Vehicle

Pawn shops present countless opportunities to find great deals on tools, electronics, and antiques-why not look there for your next car or camper as well? Stop by your pawn shop to see what it has to offer. 

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