Get Instant Cash with Our Collateral Loans in Omaha, NE

At Sol’s, we offer customers instant cash in their time of need. To take advantage of one of our loans in Omaha, NE, just bring in your personal property and use it as collateral. The amount of the loan we offer you will be determined by the value of your item.

We understand that sometimes finances are up and down—use our services to ensure you get the money you need without having to wait.

Why Choose a Collateral Loan?

Once you bring in your personal item, we will offer a loan based on a percentage of your item’s estimated worth. After you take out a collateral loan, you have 120 days to pay it off and retrieve your item.

If you need to extend the loan, you can pay an additional month of interest. Loans less than $1,000 carry an interest rate of only 15% per month. Loans greater than $1,000 have a lower interest rate of 10% per month. Our pawn loans don’t require a credit check, bank account, or co-signer.

Why Choose Sol’s Jewelry and Loan?

Our Sol’s Jewelry and Loan family has been part of the Omaha community for over 30 years. We place the needs of our customers first and will never take advantage of your finances. Instead, we offer prices that are competitive in the current market.

Our business has grown and expanded throughout the Omaha area. We now have five conveniently located storefronts for you to choose from. Each of our shops has a knowledgeable staff who will offer the most reasonable loan rates for your item. Visit one of our five locations or contact us at 402.333.SOLS to learn more about our loans in Omaha, NE. We look forward to lending you the money you need to succeed.

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